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Worried about heating your home this winter?

Natural gas is a clean heating source. It burns cleaner than other types of heating like fuel oil or propane. When you use natural gas, it does not produce any greenhouse emissions. This is good because it does not contribute to global heating. It also reduces pollution such as smog associated with burning other fuels.

The temperature is easier to control with natural gas heating systems than electric or oil-based ones. They can be easily adjusted and controlled by limiting its supply of fuel. They are environmentally friendly so you’ll never have high CO2 levels in your home!

With natural gas heating your life will be easier. No blackouts, high energy bills, or a furnace breakdown during the cold winter months. It is safe, practical and effective when it comes to heating your home or office in Montreal!

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With natural gas heating, you can be sure your family will have a nice warm house during the cold winter months!


As the name states it, natural gas heating is heating that uses natural gas. Natural gas heating is a heating process that uses natural gas to heat.

Natural gas heating is mostly used by homeowners or buildings with many occupants. Natural gas heating is also used for heating industrial processes. Or buildings with high heating requirements.

Natural gas heating is beneficial to the residents of Montreal. It can provide heat without worrying about blackouts or high energy bills. Natural gas heating has been revolutionizing residential heating needs in Montreal!

A continuous heating system is key for houses with many people in them. Generally those are powered by natural gas. There are many reason for that. It continuously distributes heat without interruption. It has an affordable price. It does not emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere like other types of heating sources do.

Many buildings in Montreal use gas-based heating. It is safe, more efficient and cost effective.
Many heating contractors in Montreal find natural gas heating very efficient and practical. It has a great heating capacity, is easy to set up.

Natural gas is most often used for heating large buildings that contain apartments. Such as apartment buildings, barracks, or office buildings.

Natural gas heating is also used for heating large industrial processes. Such as oil refineries and steel plants.

When heating with natural gas, you should take a few things into consideration. First of all, how much heating is needed for your house? Some houses have large windows and glass walls that need more heating than others. It is important to know how much heat you need for each part of the house.


Heat with natural gas, you will gain in comfort and you will save money

How to get started with natural gaz heating in Montreal

Gas-based central heating systems can be installed while a new house is being built. The heating contractor will have to install all the pipe throughout the building. He will also have to install the heating system’s controls and heating devices.

The heating contractor will begin by installing a gas pipe in the furnace room. The heating contractor should then make sure that the evacuation pipe goes outside your home or building. This can be done through an opening on the roof.

Converting existing water based central heating systems is easy and cost-effective. The water pipes running through the building will be leverage. Only the heating mechanism will need to be switch to a natural gas one.

This installation is not easy to do if the building does not already have pipes running through it.

Natural gas heating requires an inspection every year by heating contractor in Montreal. To ensure safety and efficiency, you need to clean the heating system. This is important as well as protecting your investment.


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Steam gas heating


Central air heating system

A forced-air heating system is an ingenious invention that efficiently heats your home. It pulls cold air into the ductwork and pushes it to the furnace, where gas burns hot enough to heat this colder air! Then, an exchanger sends warm air through different venting systems throughout your house. Making sure no area goes too long without a good temperature change. 

This is very common system in North America, and Montreal is no exception.

Central airSteam boiler based central heating heating system

The boiler work like a kettle of water. It heats the liquid to boiling point. Steam starts coming out at much higher pressure than atmospheric levels. Streams flow through the pipes. This energy is used for many different things. It can be used to heat up the radiator, or to power the turbine. As soon as the high-pressure liquid changes back into a cool liquid, it will go back in the boiler. More heat will make it change back into a high-pressure liquid.

Hot water central heating

With a boiler system, you can heat your house with hot water that goes through pipes and radiators. The cooler water then returns to be reheated for future use. This heating principle is called hydronic or hot-water heater. This kind of installation is a great way to control the temperature in your house. If you want the upstairs to be cooler, you can turn up the thermostat. If you turn it down, it will only affect that floor and not the other one. There are no ducts like other types need, so you can keep rooms warm despite them being in two levels.

Gas unit heaters

A forcedGas unit heaters are ductless and self-contained. They are appliances that use gas to heat the air. They do not need pipes. They have a fan that circulates the air. They can be used in both commercial and residential settings. They are powerful heating tools for providing heating in your building. It’s heating capacity is very high.

Infrared heating

The infrared heating system was invented to work the same way as the sun. An infrared heating system uses infrared radiation to heat exposed surfaces. Such as the floor or the people nearby. Gas burning heats the device surface (steel or ceramic) which produces infrareds. And heating the people nearby! This is another way that Montrealers can stay warm.

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Installing a natural gas furnace is something that you cannot do on your own. You must hire a certified specialist having a “Corporation des maîtres mécaniciens en tuyauterie du Québec” (CMMTQ) license. We are talking about gas after all! You would not want a leak in the gas installation to put in danger the inhabitants of the buiding. Chauffagiste Montreal’s contractors are experienced with natural gas. They are also licensed to do the work.

You can also benefit from heating maintenance contracts for natural gaz heating systems. Furnace replacements is also an available service, so you can stay up-to-date with your heating system. This will also make the environment better.

Keep your furnace safe and efficient all year round :

Have heating system maintenance done on a yearly basis. A heating contractor will make sure that your natural gas heating system is safe. They will also make sure the system is efficient.They will check to see if they are working the way they are supposed to and fix any problems. Our heating contractor will check the fan, burners, and vents. This service can make sure that your heating system doesn’t break in the winter. That way you can stay warm.

An annual inspection is critical to ensure safety for the home’s inhabitants. But this isn’t enough. Gas furnaces release less toxic fumes than other fuel sources. You still need to make sure the room has enough ventilation.

A lot of people have heating systems and other devices that produce CO2. This is bad for the environment and their health. Install an exhaust system near your heating systems to stop this from happening.




Natural gas heating is a sustainable heating source. It burns more cleanly than alternatives such as fuel oil or propane heating. This is good for the environment. It makes less pollution and doesn’t have a big carbon footprint.

Natural gas heating is a sustainable heating source. It burns more cleanly than alternatives such as fuel oil or propane heating. This is good for the environment. It makes less pollution and doesn’t have a big carbon footprint.

It produces no greenhouse emissions. Which means natural gas heating does not contribute to global warming. It also reduces pollution such as smog associated with burning other fuels. This is why natural gas heating is popular among Montrealers!

With natural gas, it is easier to regulate the temperature. They can be easily adjusted and controlled by limiting its supply of fuel. It’s not as easy with electric or oil-based heating systems.
They are environmentally friendly so you’ll never have high CO2 levels in your home! 


Installing a central heating system in an existing building can be challenging. Contact us if you have questions about the installation feasibility in your building.

If you need someone to check your heater, or you need a new one, don’t hesitate to call Chauffagiste Montreal! Our heating contractor will install, service and maintain your natural gas heating systems. You’ll save money on heating bills all year round.

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