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Gas furnace repair

We offer furnace repairs, and we know that this can be a stressful time for our customers.  We try to make the process as smooth as possible. But let’s face it, any type of repair is an inconvenience. If your furnace suddenly stops working, call us immediately! Our technicians will be at your doorstep in no time to fix the problem.

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Gas boiler repair

Boiler repair can be a nightmare if you don’t have the magic touch. Our technicians know every single part of a boiler and how they work together.  They can fix everything, from the thermostat to the ventilation system. We can handle any gas boiler repair for you. It is important to get the right repair for your gas boiler. If not done correctly, repairs can be expensive and time-consuming. Even costing more than just buying a new one!

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Natural gas furnace installation

With a boiler system, you can heat your house with hot A new furnace can offer more benefits than you expect.  Not only will it save you money on your heating bills, but it will be better for the environment too. You can get rid of all your worries with a brand-new natural gas furnace by Chauffagiste Pro. We provide highly efficient furnaces that meet the highest standards in the industry.  We take time to know what you expect from your new gas furnace. We do our best to provide exactly that for you.

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Natural gas boiler installation

Whether you are looking for a new boiler, or you want to replace the old one, we can help you. We provide highly efficient boilers that meet all industry standards. Just like with our furnaces, we make sure to know what you expect from your new gas boiler before anything else.  We want you to be satisfied with your choice.

Boiler installation is not easy. It requires expertise, professionalism and time.  We take our job very seriously at Chauffagiste Pro because we value quality above everything else.

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Natural gas heating emergency service 

No one ever plans on their furnace or boiler breaking down. It happens at the worst moment possible.  We understand that, and we want to be there for you in your time of need! That’s why we offer a 24/7 emergency service, 365 days a year. Our highly trained technicians will be there in no time. Trust us with your heating needs, and we will take care of everything for you.

We offer a service that is second to none when it comes to natural gas heating. We know how frustrating winter can be without a warm or hot house!  That’s why we work so hard every day to provide the best possible service.

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Oil to gas heating system conversion

Did you know that you can convert your oil heating system to natural gas?  We can help! Let Chauffagiste Pro handle the process. We will make sure everything goes smoothly. It will be an easy and quick conversion. You won’t believe how much money you can save on your monthly bills!

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